Effective Calm-Down Strategies

Posted On Apr 25, 2022 |

Teaching your child to calm down one effective strategy at a time.

Teaching calm down strategies is so crucial if we expect our children to BE calm.

So many times this skill is taken for granted and we expect our children to just “know” what to do when they feel upset. Especially once they start communicating their needs.

First, one has to take note of what's happening around them to ensure that it's a good learning opportunity (hint: in the middle of a tantrum is NOT the time to teach). 

The most ideal time to begin teaching this skill is during a 'neutral' time. When there are no intense emotions and child (and you) is rested and feeling connected. 

Next, if you are going to utilize visual or tactile items, make sure they are ready! This can look like cue cards, bubbles to blow, a flower to 'smell' or candle to blow. Utilize these items during your teaching sessions.

Finally, don't forget to model these skills! Narrate utilizing the skill as you do it. "I'm feeling frustrated that I have to re-heat my coffee, I'm going to take some deep breaths...". 

Now, some calm-down strategy ideas for you!

  1. Blowing out *pretend* candles
  2. Using senses to check in: something you feel, see, hear, taste and smell
  3. Pillow punch
  4. Time out
  5. Water break
  6. Frog hops: jump around like a frog
  7. Rewind: start again from before upset
  8. Take a walk
  9. Eat something
  10. Hug it out

There you have it! 10 calm down ideas and a way to teach them. 

Which works best for your child?

Aloha x


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