How can I get my kids to listen?

Posted On Apr 21, 2022 |

Tips to teach your child(ren) to listen.

Getting your kids to listen, or even, listen better, hinges on one thing: 

Your relationship with your child. We first must ensure that they WANT to listen, be obedient, follow your rules, however you say it.

If we expect our children to listen, be an exciting person in play/their world first!

We call this “pairing”.

Just because you are a parent or main caregiver (pet owner, manager, in a relationship..) doesn’t automatically mean you are “paired” with that person!

This also doesn’t = letting your child walk all over you, but rather being able to play with them and tell me what they love to do. 

Get on their level, be present, play 1:1, really listen, engage with them, observe their patterns, their routines, know what it is that they want, what they like, what they do. 

Set boundaries, yes, but those will be more successful if you can also be a partner in play.

When your child can play with you and knows that you know what they like, they are going to be much more likely to want to listen to you. It's magical and critical to have this special time set aside. This will not only encourage your child(ren) to listen better, but will decrease your frustrations and increase your patience as well.

So I challenge you to go play and observe your child(ren) (pets, significant others, staff, etc). 

What did you find out?

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