Peaceful Home Academy

Consciously teaching children to listen without raising your voice.

Do you find yourself...

... not knowing how to set healthy boundaries
...raising your voice more than you would like
...needing a step-by-step for what to do to curb difficult behaviors
... dreading transitions throughout the day

Parenthood Can Look Like This...

* Knowing step-by-step what to do when your kid melts down at the playground

* Having more patience, knowing that you have tools & resources

* Getting your parenting questions answered in real-time 

Re-gaining a positive connection with your child

* Being confident & calm in your every day parenting


Peaceful Home Academy

Plus Bonuses:

- Calm, confident affirmation cards
- Self-regulation toolkit

- Gratitude Journal
- PDF Guide to effective communication
- Bonus Workshops!

Within PHA You Will:

Learn the PHA Blueprint: tried & true method so you no longer second-guess if you are "doing it right"

Understand the root, the why, so you can effectively tackle that epic meltdown at the park

Connect with like-minded mamas inside the Mama Ohana

Get answers in real-time with bi-monthly group coaching calls via Zoom

Founding family bonus: Initial 1:1 planning session

Monthly bonus workshops

Can you Imagine...

a calm and uneventful dinnertime.

walking out the door without a tantrum.

feeling like you are in control. Not your child.

peace of mind that your child will listen when you ask them to clean up.

saving time, energy and your voice in knowing your parenting strategy is proven.

What You Will Learn:

 How to re-connect with your child.
This is the very first stepping stone to an effective journey.
Accompanying: workbook and 7-day challenge

In learning how to teach skills, we have to understand why it's important and how to do so EFFECTIVELY and consciously.
This section is divided into 3 videos and a workbook.

This module breaks down priming, what it is and how to use it.

It is divided into 2 videos to give you a good grasp and loaded with examples from every day life. 

We all know consistency is key.
Module 4 explains why that is, and what to do if you can't be in the moment. 

In this module, we look at simple ways to integrate the learning into our every day. This ties up the program nicely and as always, there is a workbook.

2 Bonus workshops:
1. "Why we do what we do" breaks down the functions of behavior and why we do all the things!

2. "ABC" This quick video and download gives you a resource for how to track behaviors. This is a great addition following bonus workshop #1.

Aloha, I'm Tara!

Happy you found me and are here to start a new, peaceful, chapter in your life journey!

 I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and have been practicing for the past 10 years. Currently located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.    

As a parent of 3 young kids I see you busy parents! I have run countless trainings and parent training sessions with clients and able to help them brainstorm and utilize these strategies.    

I have 5 years experience running trainings and parent coaching sessions and have decided to branch out to serve the larger community outside of clients receiving applied behavior analysis (ABA).  In addition to that, I have 5 years of teaching preschool and as a 1:1 aid to children with special needs.  

These skills and techniques can be used by everyone!  

We learn applicable, real-life-skills, hold one another accountable and combine it all into the Peaceful Home Academy.  
Welcome to the Peaceful Home Academy, where we support, learn and grow together. 

Peaceful Home Academy Includes:

-Exclusive access to private community: Mama Ohana 
                Your go-to place where we support one another, celebrate wins and support each other when in need  

-5-Module self-paced course including the PHA blueprint
                   The PHA blueprint you can utilize over and over again as your child has new behaviors that pop up!

                 * Toolkit for self-regulating you and your child
                 * Calm and confident mama affirmations
                 * Guide to effective communication
                 * 2 Bonus Workshops
                 * Behavior journal


You Have Permission want a respectful & gentle way to parent

 ... to combat the loneliness that can be motherhood need step-by-step directions on how to handle difficult behaviors & seasons crave a stronger connection with your child (outside of saying 'no')

Now is the Time to Get In:

This is your chance to get into this community at an ultra-low rate plus a bonus:

Founding Family Initial 1:1 planning session included!

Fast-track your success in feeling like a better Mom.

Reducing tantrums, re-connect with your child, learn effective, holistic strategies you can implement TODAY in teaching your child.

Get back your confidence, patience, your calm.

Get back to YOU.

Peaceful Home Academy Package

$297 | $104/month for 3 months

  • Access to the Mama Ohana community
  • Bi-monthly Group LIVE Coaching 
  • Initial  1:1 coaching session to make a personalized plan
  • Breakdown of the PHA  blueprint
  • Lifetime access to the 5-module self-paced online program
  • PLUS Bonuses!

How does it all work? 

Great Question! 

As soon as you sign up you will gain instant access to our Mama Ohana Community & 5-Module Program! 

Take a look around, introduce yourself and join in on the conversation.

Check in with the 5-module program and jot down questions.

Post your questions into the weekly Q& A thread and we will get the party started!

How long does my membership last?

You will have lifetime access to the 5-module program including bonuses.

First 1:1 coaching session and follow up with me included, then additional sessions at discounted rate

What's included

5-module program learning how to step-by-step teach your child to listen.

Access to Mama Ohana community of like-minded mamas in the same season.
--> Including bi-monthly group coaching and  Q&A sessions.

Initial 1:1 coaching session

Workbooks and files to download and keep you learning.

Journal to best-support and guide you through this program.

Bonus workshop to understanding behaviors and how to effectively track.

The Breakdown

Mama Ohana Community

Holding one another accountable
Forming friendships: Connect with a community of Mama’s with the same daily struggles.

5-Module Self-Paced Program

Online program developed by a mom for moms

Learn step-by-step the blueprint to understanding behaviors and how to effectively work through them

Group Coaching Sessions 

Bi-monthly check ins & discussions surrounding the PHA blueprint

Get those questions answered in person during our group meetings!

Can't make it? You'll be able to submit your questions prior to meetings and watch the replay

Our Happiness Promise

You never know what EXACTLY you are going to get with an online course. Whether you are looking to learn to bake, yoga or even how to give birth, you want some kind of safety net in case you don't jive with the instructor.

This is where the Happiness Promise come in. We stand by our programs 100% and if you commit, do the work and put the effort in, we know you will walk away a more confident & calm Mama.

If for some reason you are not satisfied reach out to the team within 3 days of purchase for a full 100% refund.

No questions asked or hoops to jump through.

You are the PERFECT fit if you: 

  are a mom who is in need of parenting support 

want a supportive & like-minded community to turn to

feel overwhelmed by all the books & social media resources  

want to go to the store without dreading the next impending meltdown

are exhausted from just surviving & ready to THRIVE 


Yes! If after you purchase, you decide this isn't what you want, you have 3 days to be eligible for a full-refund. 

If you are a mom or caregiver and struggling with getting your child to listen, your confidence in parenting or even in need of a blueprint on how to handle hard behaviors, this is the place for YOU.

Being able to accept the help and showing up for yourself is the very first component of this program. By joining, you are saying "yes!" to YOU and that is amazing.

There is little time commitment, if you are unable to make the weekly group sessions, that's okay! Post questions in the Q&A thread in group and join in the discussion threads. I will be able to answer your questions live in the group and replays will always be posted.

Once you register, you will have lifetime access to the modules so feel free to take your time through the material.

Unfortunately no, but you can get a glimpse into the program by e-mailing me. We also offer a 3 day program gaurantee on purchases.

Yes! We offer a monthly payment plan of $104 over 3 months.

There is also the Mama Ohana which is our signature membership program dedicated to teaching and connecting.
Priced at $19/month it can be a great place to start if unsure whether the full program is a good fit for you!

One Last Thing:

I am ready to help you be the best version of YOU in this trying season.  Let's get you confident, calm & ready to plug and play this blueprint that will guide you to consistency and healthy, clear boundaries..

This program was developed with you in mind and is here to support, hold you accountable to meeting your parenting goals AND provide you with parenting strategies in a one stop shop.  

Let’s learn how to tame tantrums, teach your child to listen and find your community.

I’ve got you, you can do this mama.