Communication is KEY- especially with a 3 year old about to break down.

This guide is a one stop shop for all you busy parents who need a script and phrases ASAP.

Avoid the power-struggles, the yelling, the "nos". 

After you put this PDF to use and start practicing to implement these into your daily routine, your will become more at ease, less stressed out, your child will listen better and your home will be more peaceful.

Do you feel like all you say is "no" , your kids just don't listen & it has you feeling...

Why won't your kid just listen to you the first time?!
Why can't they do the right thing so you don't have to say "no" all the time!

You wanted to be a better parent, you wanted to know how to do & say all the things in the perfect way.

You feel like your connection with your child is dwindling.
You don't know what else to do and losing hope.

There is HOPE, it doesn't have to be this way!

Your day could look like:

...leaving the house effortlessly without drama

...a positive connection with your child with daily giggles and games

...feeling confident in knowing what to do when your child melts down in public

Guide to Effective Communication

Effective & Easy Phrases to Fast Track to a Peaceful Home

What is inside?

Feel less stressed with this grab and go guide. You can download, screenshot to your phone or print out!

30 pages walks you through specific phrases to start practicing and swapping out ones that are counter-productive, infuriating and stressful.

This positive communication guide is essential to a more peaceful YOU and home.

This is your key to Peace.

As soon as you purchase, join the many that have already downloaded and printed out this guide using daily!

- 30 page PDF with scripts & scenarios
- 7 actionable steps to being a positive parent
- Journal prompts to reflect on your progress

Printable Guide


Instant Access to this printable, PDF grab 'n go guide!

Aloha! Let me Introduce Myself..

I'm Tara, mama to 3, Board Certified Behavior Analyst & early childhood/parent educator

Guess what? Even with a background in kids... My 2 littles would break down daily & don't always listen to EVERYTHING I ask.

Once I was at home with them all day, every day, I had the thought of losing my mind constantly. The nagging, crying, flopping...oh my. I spent a solid 3 months anxiety-ridden as we would go to the store, library or park and just hoping and praying they wouldn't have an 'episode'.

This was so frustrating for me and I felt defeated because I kept thinking I should KNOW what to do- hadn't i been talking parents through these situations in the past? I was losing my confidence & cool.

Thankfully with some extra self-care, understanding and support from my partner, I was able to work through the cloud of parenthood and find that clarity & connection!

My strategies had to change from what I had previously practiced, but after some refining, I was able to see a noticeable difference in the way my kids responded to me & requests. It's still a constant practice filled with self-love & understanding. These tips are truly effective to building your connection with your child(ren).

With these strategies to effectively communicating with your child, you too will be on the path to a more positive parenting experience!

What They're Saying:


Mom of 2